Traffic Signals

The City of Woodland is currently responsible for the maintenance needs of 62 signalized intersections, 9 smart crosswalks and several flashing beacons.  All of these signals are operated and maintained in a way to provide a safe, efficient and reliable method of controlling vehicular and pedestrian traffic throughout the City.  Our signals incorporate a wide variety of features, such as vehicle pre-emption so fire trucks can move through the intersection unobstructed; audible pedestrian mechanisms for the blind; energy-saving light emitting diodes (LED's) instead of incandescent bulbs; illuminating crosswalks and signage at select locations and emergency power back-up systems that will keep the signals running in case of a power outage.  With the use of new technology we are increasing safety, saving tax dollars by reducing utility costs, and keeping traffic flowing during power disruptions.  Even with new technology, as with almost anything, problems can arise.  If a malfunction is noticed, please report it by calling the City's Municipal Service Center at 530-661-5962.