Fleet & Facilities

Fleet Services provides maintenance, repair, and service calls for over seven-hundred City vehicles, trailers, and miscellaneous equipment units. City Departments that rely on their services include Public Works, Fire, Police, Parks & Recreation, Community Development, and Environmental Operations.

           Woodland Police Patrol Vehicle

Fleet Services employs Automotive Service Excellence, or ASE certified parts and repair professionals that specialize in fire apparatus, heavy duty vehicle, light duty vehicle, and small equipment repair.

These employees are dedicated to the City of Woodland’s mission, and provide crucial support in achieving the City’s strategic goals and initiatives through continuous training and testing in their respective fields.

Facility Services provides maintenance and repair for nine City properties which include City Hall, City Hall Annex, the Woodland Public Library, the Police Department headquarters, three Fire Stations, the Municipal Services Center, and the Water Pollution Control Facility.

                 Woodland Public Library

Facilities management and maintenance staff strive to keep abreast of current building and maintenance trends through training and certification processes including “Building Operator Certification” and “Build-It-Green” certification.

The recent Build-It-Green movement calls for construction and maintenance professionals to be more conscious of environmentally friendly materials and energy efficient alternatives to traditional construction methods. Examples include solar panels, low VOC paints, and sustainable resources such as bamboo flooring. Woodland homeowners can learn more about how to introduce similar products into their homes by visiting www.builditgreen.org.

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