Reduce, Reuse

Reduce, Reuse…and then Recycle!

Recycling is just one of the 3 R’s in the Reduce-Reuse-Recycle loop, and while it plays a key role in helping the environment, preventing waste from the start is just as important.  We can reduce the amount of waste we generate by reducing the amount of products we use and reusing items whenever possible.  Here are some ways to reduce and reuse.


  • Buy what you need and use what you buy
  • Buy in bulk or buy products without packaging
  • Use rechargeable batteries and devices
  • Print on both sides of paper
  • Prepare home-cooked meals instead of eating take-out
  • Buy durable items that will last longer
  • Drink tap water rather than buying bottled water
  • And remember that buying locally reduces green house gases


  • Bring your own reusable shopping bags to stores
  • Buy used items when possible
  • Rent, lend or borrow instead of buying new items
  • Use non-disposable items such as towels and dishes
  • Buy products made from recycled materials
  • Borrow books and magazines from local libraries or donate your old ones
  • Use back side of paper for scratch paper
  • Consider repairing items instead of buying new ones
  • Donate used items to charities or offer them, through consignment stores to others

Buying used items keeps the demand for new items low, which in turn, helps reduce the amount of materials needed to make new items.  Donating used items helps keep the cycle going. Check out below to find local places to take your old items for donation or where you can shop for reusable items.  If donating items, please call ahead to find out which items are accepted.

Local Reuse Centers & Information:

  • Another Antique Store – 606 Main St, (530) 662-0880
  • Goodwill – 120 Main St, (530) 668-8249
  • House Dresser – 617 Main St, (530) 661-9596
  • Main Street Antiques – 531 Main St, (530) 668-8450
  • My Sister’s Closet – 530 Main St,  (530) 669-6739
  • Salvation Army Store – 430 College St, (530) 662-6129
  • Sweet Potato Pie – 528 Main St, (530) 662-8000
  • Thrift Store Outlet – 106 W Main St, (530) 669-6988
  • Woodland Toy Library – 1017 Main St, (530) 666-2918
  • Yolo County Landfill Household Hazardous Waste Days – Reuse Center
  • Yolo Hospice Thrift Shop – 607 Main St, (530) 668-1599
  • Yolo Wayfarer Center – 207 Fourth St, (530) 661-1218

Other Reuse Centers & Information:

For more information on ways to reduce and reuse, check out the links below:

Contact Information:
Conservation Coordinator:  (530) 661-2059

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