Green Waste & Composting

Green Waste Program
The green waste program is designed to keep residential yard waste and plant material out of the streets and storm drains, to reduce pollution of our waterways, keep our streets clean, and keep our gutters clear to prevent flooding during the rainy season.

  Green waste carts are available in 35, 64, and 96 gallons and are serviced once a week year around with your normal trash and recycle cart pick-up.

Street Piles:  During leaf drop season, green waste street piles are collected weekly.  During the rest of the year, street piles are collected once per month from each address and are allowed for only one week before each pickup date.  See below for the leaf drop and non-leaf drop season schedules.

Street Sweeping:  Every street in Woodland is swept once a week! To find out more information about street sweeping, please click here.

Click here for a list of acceptable material for green waste carts and street piles

 Non-Leaf Drop Season: (Feb 1 to Oct 31)  Leaf Drop Season: (Nov 1 to Jan 31)
  Monthly street pile pick-up   Weekly street pile pick-up
 • Weekly cart   Weekly cart collection
 Weekly street sweeping  Weekly street sweeping

Green Waste Map & Calendar

Click on the image to the left to view the green waste street pile pick-up map & schedule for your area.

Green Waste Cart:

  • Must be placed at the curb in front of your own house on your normal trash and recycling pick up day.
  • Must be placed 3 feet from other collection carts and at least 3 feet from parked cars.
  • Must contain plant material only.
  • Must be removed from curb within 24 hours of service.


Green Waste Street Piles:

  • From February 1 through October 31, green waste piles may be placed in the street no more than one week prior to your service day.
  • Must never include grass.  Grass clippings always go in the cart.  Keeping grass off the street is necessary for our State Storm Water Permit compliance and reduces winter storm drain flooding and drain inlet cleanout by City crews.
  • Must be placed immediately adjacent to and in front of your own home or business.
  • Should not restrict gutter drainage or block drain inlets.
  • May not obstruct bike lanes or traffic flow.
  • Shall not contain branches more than 6 inches in diameter or 5 feet long.
  • Shall not exceed 4 feet wide by 5 feet long by 4 feet high.
  • Must contain plant material only.

Click here for green waste guidelines and reference to City Code Sec 23C-4-16

Composting is nature's way of recycling.  Come to a local composting class to learn how you can turn your yard waste and kitchen scraps into nutrient-rich soil amendments for your garden and mulch for landscaped areas.

Free backyard compost classes are offered in the spring and fall. Composting guides and other composting resources are given to each Woodland resident attending the class.  To learn about composting, please read the 
Backyard Composting Guide.

For information on composting, water-wise gardening, native plants and other gardening tips and tools, visit the
Yolo County Master Gardeners website.  Check out the calendar section for upcoming gardening workshops.

If you would like more information on the next class, please visit the EnviroWoodland Facebook page or call our Conservation Coordinator for Recycling at (530) 661-2059 or email

The City of Woodland offers $100 rebates to Woodland residents who purchase a backyard compost and/or vermicompost bin. Compost bins provide a positive economical and environmental benefit by reducing yard waste in our streets and adding nutrients to our yards and gardens.  For an application or for more information on these and other rebates, visit our rebate webpage or call (530) 661-2059.


Contact Information:

Service and billing – Waste Management Customer Service:  (530) 662-8748
Yolo County Master Gardeners: (530) 666-8143
Program support – City Conservation Coordinator:  (530) 661-2059

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