Greenhouse Gas Inventory

In 2009, the City of Woodland was named a Climate Action Leader by the California Climate Action Registry, when we finished the process of calculating, reporting, and getting third-party verification of our 2007 green house gas (GHG) emissions. The GHG emissions inventories for 2008 and subsequent years will be compared with this "baseline" to determine how well the City is doing in helping to meet state GHG reduction goals. Woodland is one of only 17 California cities to be accorded Climate Action Leader status.   

The California Climate Action Registry is a private non-profit organization originally formed by the State of California. The California Registry has provided leadership on climate change by developing and promoting credible, accurate, and consistent GHG reporting standards and tools for organizations to measure, monitor, obtain third-party verification, and reduce their GHG emissions consistently across industry sectors and geographical borders. The California Registry started with 23 Charter Members and currently has a membership of over 340 of the world's largest and leading corporations, universities, cities and counties, government agencies, and environmental organizations that are working together to address climate change by voluntarily measuring, monitoring, and publicly reporting their GHG emissions using the California Registry's protocols. 

Click here to view the presentation of the 2007 baseline emissions inventory.

Click here to view the presentation of the 2008 GHG inventory that staff made to City Council.

Click here to view the 2007 City of Woodland Emissions Inventory Report.

Click here to view the 2008 City of Woodland Emissions Inventory Report.

Click here to view the 2009 City of Woodland Emissions Inventory Report

The California Climate Action Registry accepted its last emissions inventory reports and officially closed in December 2010. The California Registry recognized that success in emissions reporting must be based on consistent data in an integrated system that stretches beyond California's borders.
Thus, it has been transitioning its members to The Climate Registry.

The Climate Registry is a nonprofit organization that provides meaningful information to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The Climate Registry establishes consistent, transparent standards throughout North America for businesses and governments to calculate, verify and publicly report their carbon footprints in a single, unified registry. Click here for more information on the Climate Registry.

2010 City of Woodland Emissions Inventory Report (TCR)

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