Outdoor Conservation

The City of Woodland, Water Conservation program has held a series of outdoor water conservation workshops focused on water-wise landscapes each March for several years. Please view this year's presentations and handouts for valuable information on how to convert your lawn to a drought-tolerant landscape, manage water, and maintain our landscape.

March 9, Landscaping 101: Conversion Crash Course
Presentations & Handouts


March 16, Lessons Learned: Don't Do This At Home
March 23, Managing Water: Stormwater & Irrigation

Bernadette Balics - Ecological Design
Managing Stormwater - Presentation
Arlen Feldman - Master Gardener of Yolo County
Sustainable Gardening and Water Management - Handout 

March 30, Maintain It: Landscape Trouble-Shooting
Taylor Lewis - UC Davis Arboretum
Life After Lawn - Presentation 
Ken Trott - Woodland Tree Foundation
Help Trees Survive the Drought - Presentation 


Outdoor Water Conservation Tips
  • When using a hose, use a nozzle that stops the flow of water when the handle is released.
  • Water early or late in the day, not midday when water evaporates more quickly.
  • Replace some of your lawn with a deck, patio or low-water use plants.
  • Sweep driveways and sidewalks with a broom instead of hosing them off.
  • Apply a thick layer of mulch around your plants to reduce evaporation (this also helps to suppress weeds).
  • Wash your car at a commercial car wash where they recycle the wash water.

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