Water Conservation

2015 Water-Wise Wednesdays Workshop Series

The City of Woodland and The Yolo County Resource Conservation District invite the public to a third annual series of free workshops on outdoor water conservation every Wednesday evening in March from 7:00 to 8:30. The series will be held at the Woodland Community and Senior Center at 2001 East Street in Woodland. The workshops will cover a variety of outdoor water conservation issues and techniques, including lawn removal and conversion to water-wise landscapes, attracting native pollinators with drought-tolerant plants, selecting the best plants for your water-wise landscape, helping trees survive the drought, retaining rainwater on site, and choosing the right irrigation system for your landscape needs.

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Drought Update

The City of Woodland thanks all of our water users for their efforts in reducing water use.  In July 2014, Woodland had a 27% reduction in water use from the previous year.  Please keep up your current conservation efforts.  

In order to meet the requirements of the State Emergency Water Conservation Regulation, the Woodland City Council on August 19 proclaimed the first level of its water shortage contingency plan, a Stage One, Water Alert. Under this water conservation stage, all water users are required to reduce water use from normal water use levels (your average water use for that month) by 10%, with efforts made to achieve this reduction wholly or partly by cutting back outdoor irrigation.

What Does a 20% Reduction Look Like?

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Looking for Ways to Reduce Your Water Use?

Leak Detection Brochure
The Cost of Water Waste

Calculate your home water usage with this free water use calculator from the Alliance for Water Efficiency, simply click the image on left. The Water Calculator automatically compares estimated water use against an average home and efficient home in the same region with the same number of residents. The Water Calculator also estimates the carbon footprint of household hot water use and helps identify areas where improved water efficiency may be possible.

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