Water Conservation

The City of Woodland thanks it's water users for continuing to conserve water with the decisions they make everyday. Read on below for a monthly summary of how those decisions add up to make significant water savings.

Rain Harvesting Workshop Flyer & Press Release: : Saturday, February 6th 9:30AM-12PM at the Woodland Community College Garden

January's Water-Wise Landscape of the Month 2015 Water Conservation Infographic


In 2015, we saved well OVER A BILLION gallons compared to our use in 2013.

That's about how many gallons 7,000 average American homes will use in a year!

Can you save even more?



We need your help to catch and stop water waste in it's tracks. If you see a water use violationplease let us know. Provide the location, time, and violation type to help speed the process. We save better when we save together!

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EMAIL: ConserveWater@CityofWoodland.org

Actions like switching to high-efficiency (HE) appliances with the with WaterSense label and drought-tolerant landscapes save water permanently and over time even save you money!

The State of California is currently offering rebates to help you fix those water wasters for good! Click on the images below to learn more about turf and toilet rebates.

Rebate Now Available Rebate Now Available



Looking for Ways to Reduce Your Water Use? Browse through the links below for water conservation tips and informational resources.


Fix That Leak!

Learn how you can save money and water with simple do-it-yourself fixes around your home.

Leak Detection Brochure The Cost of Water Waste How to Find and Fix Leaks

Fix That Leak!

(Alliance for Water Efficiency)

How does your water use add up? Find out here!

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