School Resource Officer

The School Resource Officer Program began during the mid-1990’s as a joint effort between the Woodland Police Department and the Woodland Joint Unified School District. The program utilized federal and state grant money to place a police officer on campus and assist the schools in providing a safer environment for our students. 

The program started with one police officer. The goal was to have the officer work closely with school administration to deal with everyday problems that existed on the school campuses. Together the School Resource Officer (SRO) and school officials investigated cases of fighting, drugs, weapon possession, gang involvement, and child abuse. 

Also, the SRO has actively pursued students who are truant and helped get these students back into school. The SRO has also investigated and arrested parents that allowed or caused their children to be truant from school.


The program has been a great success. Students found that by having the police officer on campus and getting to know the police officer, it was easier and more comfortable for the students to report crimes and concerns to police. Also, by the SRO investigating cases of truancy, several students are back in school and graduating from high school.

Due to the success of this program, the SRO is in great demand throughout the school district. In the 2000-01 school year, a second SRO was added to the program and has continued to add to the success of the Law Enforcement and School Partnership that was bonded years ago. The SRO’s focus mainly on the Woodland High School, Lee Jr. High School, and Douglass Jr. High School.