FAQ - Parking

How long can a car be parked on a City of Woodland residential street before it has to be moved?
Answer:  72 hours.

How long can travel trailers and motor homes be parked on a city street in Woodland?
Answer:  24 hours.

How much does it cost to get a City of Woodland permit?
Please observe the City of Woodland Comprehensive Fee Schedule for more information regarding fee information for all City of Woodland permits including encroachment permits, transportation permits, and fire hydrant usage permits.

Is there an ordinance that covers abandoned vehicles?
Answer:  Yes. The Police Department has an abandoned vehicle abatement program staffed primarily by a volunteer. Vehicles may be considered abandoned if they have been parked on a city street for more than 72 hours without being moved. If you suspect a vehicle is abandoned please call the non-emergency dispatch number, 530-666-2411 and advise them of the location of the vehicle and a description of the vehicle including license plate number

What is the fine for illegally parking in a handicap parking stall in Woodland?
Answer:  $275.00

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