Qualifying Requirements

A job with a law enforcement agency can be very demanding and the competition for the limited number of available positions is very keen. Here are some common areas in the background investigation process that could prevent you from successfully completing our process.


Have you: 

  • Received two (2) or more moving violations within the last three years?
  • Been involved in two (2) or more at-fault collisions within the past three years?
  • Been convicted of D.U.I. (Driving Under the Influence) within the four (4) years?
  • Been convicted of a Misdemeanor within the last three (3) years?
  • Been involuntarily dismissed from two (2) or more previous employers as an adult?
  • Been disciplined by an employer for fighting in the workplace?
  • Used a hallucinogenic within the last seven (7) years?
  • Used Marijuana within the last three (3) years?
  • Used any other illegal drug use within the last five (5) years?