Woodland Police Officers, 1935

The Woodland Police Department was created with the election of a City Marshall in 1871, just after the City of Woodland was incorporated.

The first Marshall elected was John D. Lawson, who received a salary of $1000 per year. In 1874 a night watchman was elected to assist the Marshall. This position, later know as a policeman, was primarily for “traffic enforcement” of horses, mules and wagons in downtown.

Officer Larry L. Sills


Only one officer has died in the line of duty at the Woodland Police Department. Motor Officer Larry L. Sills was born in College City, California. He graduated from Yuba College in Marysville joining the Woodland Police Department in 1941.

On June 7, 1945 while pursuing a suspect vehicle, he hit a patch of loose gravel and lost control of his motorcycle. Hospitalized as a result of the injuries he sustained, he passed away on June 13. Officer Sills was survived by his wife, Lucinda Messick, and two daughters: Nancy Rogers and Sue Goodall.