Youth Sports

Basketball Camp
If you like basketball then you will love our HOOP IT UP Camps! Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, the drills taught at this camp will help you improve your game. Come work on all the fundamentals of your game; footwork, passing, ball-handling and defense. Fun challenges, games and daily competitions in a positive and energetic environment.

DAY               DATES                 TIME                               LOC              AGE               RESIDENT       NON-RES    CODE
M-F                6/18-6/21       9:00a-3:00p            WCSC         7-12              $179                $214.80     3395

Just 4 Kicks Soccer Camps
Just 4 Kicks focuses on a particular aspect of the game of soccer utilizing specifically designed activities. A typical session will include a warm-up, topic introduction, demonstrations, activities to learn and practice skills, recreational games to provide an environment simulating a soccer match, and finally an actual soccer match. Each activity varies according to age and ability and is structured to provide every child the opportunity to express themselves and grow at their own rate. The emphasis is on learning and having fun, not winning. Please register at least one week in advance. Class meets at Jack Slaven Park at the corner of Ortiz & Camacho (“area 4”).

                                                          DAY      DATES             TIME                     LOC             AGE         RESIDENT     NON-RES     CODE
J4K Pre-K Soccer Jul             Tu         7/9-7/30      6:40p-7:10p     Slaven      3.5-4     $44.00           $52.80        3367
J4K Kinder Soccer Jul          Tu         7/9-7/30       7:10p-7:45p    Slaven       4-5         $44.00           $52.80        3368
J4K Kinder-1st Grade         Tu         7/9-7/30       7:45p-8:30p     Slaven       5-6         $44.00           $52.80        3369

Tennis Lessons
Parks & Recreation is currently searching for a qualified tennis instructor to resume classes. Please check  for the most up-to-date information on tennis classes.

 P.E.’s Greatest Hits!
In his almost 25 years of teaching experience, elementary P.E. teacher Bob Bodine has found certain games and activities among the Top Ten Most Popular! In this series of classes, kids will run, jump, dodge, and play their way through these “Greatest Hits” of the past 25 years. Games include Rocky Soccer, Doctor Dodge Ball, Bruan Ball, and much more! Sign up today!

DAY               DATES              TIME                              LOC                                       GRADE         RESIDENT           NON-RES    CODE
Tu                   6/11-7/30    9:00a-10:00a          Woodland CSC              3rd-6th       $64.00                 $76.80       2909

Fit Kids!
Healthy habits today can lead to many happy tomorrows! Fit Kids is an exciting eight-week program that emphasizes skill development, fitness, and healthy lifestyle habits. As a Woodland P.E. teacher for almost 25 years, Bob Bodine will help kids develop healthy habits that will lead to a lifetime of benefits. Join today!

DAY               DATES               TIME                                LOC                                GRADE         RESIDENT       NON-RES    CODE
Tu                   6/11-7/30      10:15a-11:15a        Woodland CSC       3rd-6th       $64.00             $76.80        2910

Contact Dallas Tringali for questions or more information about the Youth Recreation programs at (530) 661-2000.

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