Fee Waiver/Reduction Policy & Procedures

Public interest is well served by making facilities available to community groups and individual members for special events, meetings, and entertainment. The costs of making such facilities available are generally recovered through fees collected for the specific event. However, the public interest is also served by waiving such fees for limited events that have direct community benefit. Furthermore, to maintain public trust, procedures shall be established for the consistent, fair, and prompt evaluation of such requests. 

Must meet ALL of the following to be eligible for a fee waiver/reduction:

1.       Can prove financial hardship and that the fee imposed will jeopardize the ability to carry on the activity for which the use of the facility/equipment is sought; and

2.       Can establish that the activity for which the waiver is sought will foster or promote a program aimed at directly benefiting the Woodland Community; and

3.       Can establish that all reasonable alternative facilities or equipment sources have been sought and are not available or would be unsuitable to the group or individuals seeking the waiver. 

Any Group/Organization already recognized as a Discounted Group, under the City of Woodland Comprehensive Fee Schedule, will NOT be considered for additional fee waiver/reduction.

No weekend events will be considered for a fee waiver/reduction.  The event may not begin before 8:00 a.m. and must end by 10:00 p.m. Monday through Friday only. (WC&SC)

If none of the above have excluded your Group/Organization from consideration of a Fee waiver/reduction then please complete the application and return to the Community Services Department for processing. The review and approval/denial process usually takes 2-3 weeks.  Incomplete applications will be denied.

No waivers shall be granted to groups where a fee/donation is charged for an activity and the use of the facility/equipment for which the fee waiver/reduction is sought is directly connected to that activity.

An application for a fee waiver/reduction does NOT reserve the facility or equipment; a reservation form must be filled out and attached with this document.  A group may reserve a facility by completing a reservation form and making the applicable deposit.  Reservation forms are available at the Community Services Department (2001 East Street, Woodland, CA).

No private events will be considered for a waiver/fee reductions.  Example: weddings, quinceanera, birthdays, anniversary parties, etc.

If you make a reservation and then later cancel it, the deposit will only be returned if it is at least 90 days (facility reservations) or 14 days (park reservations) prior to the date of the proposed use. If a fee waiver/reduction is approved, the deposit will be refunded after the event.

If you make the request for a fee waiver/reduction less than 30 days before the event, the fees for the reservation (including the deposit) must be collected with the Facility Use Application.  If the fee waiver/reduction is granted, the fees and deposit will be refunded after the event.  Deposits and payments must be made 30 days prior to the reservation, regardless if the fee waiver/reduction is granted at that time.

Only the facility rental fees will be considered for fee waiver/reduction.  All deposits and amenities fees must be paid at the time of the reservation.  Deposits will be returned after the reservation; only if there have been no violations/damages during the reservation.

All facility requirements and policies must be followed, regardless of fee waiver/reduction.  No City program or active reservation will be displaced to allow a fee waiver/reduction event to take place.

If you have any questions on the policy or application for a fee waiver, please give our office a call at (530) 661-2000.


Community Services Department

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