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Library Volunteer Mike Tucker Chosen as Woodlander of the Month

Mission Statement

The Woodland Public Library's Mission is to inform and to enhance the quality of life and to foster lifelong learning.  The library is committed to the idea that involving volunteers in its operation will assist it in carrying out its mission for the community.

Therefore, we believe that:

  • Volunteers allow the library to provide enhanced services to the community
  • Volunteers provide a vital link between the library and the community both by informing the community about the services the library has to offer and by bringing valuable community input to the library planning process.
  • A thoughtfully planned and well managed volunteer program can bring a wealth of benefits to the library, its staff, the community and the volunteers.
  • A successful volunteer program requires that staff and volunteers work as a team to implement the mission and goals of the library.
  • Volunteers supplement but do not supplant, library staff;  volunteers complement but do not replace library staff.



The Spinetinglers are a group of dedicated library volunteers at Woodland Public Library who donate their time, skills, and patience to the cleaning and repair of books and materials in the library collection. Their careful attention and painstaking repair to pages, hinges, spines, and covers lengthen the lifespan of materials and allow for continued public enjoyment. The group meets monthly from 10 AM to noon on designated Saturdays at the library to perform their work.


Community Service Jobs

Short Term Projects
For short term volunteer positions, you will be assigned specific tasks that need to be done at that time.  You cannot choose which tasks you will do.  You will receive brief training for these simple tasks.  You must commit to 1 to 2 hours per week and must set up a work schedule with the Volunteer Coordinator. Some of the short term volunteer tasks might be:

Coordinate / assemble displays and exhibits
Do you have a community display you would like to put up (and take down) in the Library?

Organize and shelve newspapers & magazines
Older issues filed in mezzanine

Clean and do simple book repair in the Children's Room
Easy Board books, etc.

Clean bulletin board and giveaway pamphlet counter
Display in the Adult Reading area.

Long Term Projects
For a commitment to volunteer at least 2 hours per week for a minimum of 6 months, you will receive training and supervision for a specific volunteer position of your choosing. Some of the long term volunteer positions might be:

    * Shelving books and shelf reading       
    * Putting books on the shelf in the correct order.        
    * Checking the books on the shelf to make sure they are in order.

* For a commitment to volunteer for seven weeks. A minimum of 2 hours per week during Summer Reading Club. You will receive training and supervision to help with preparation and presentation of the Children's Summer Reading Club.  This will be a specific time period, usually the middle of June through the first week in August.

Some of the Summer Reading Club tasks would include:

    * Preparing material (a lot of cutting out paper)!
    * Verifying reading logs and giving out prizes.
    * Help supervise program.
    * Preparing and presenting skits.