While you are in Square One, we expect you to be:

Many people use a variety of tools and equipment in Square One. Close toed shoes are required in Square One. Please tie back or remove lanyards, jewelry, long hair, and anything that could get caught.

This space is for all of us to learn from each other. Try new things, take classes, learn from other people, allow people to look at your work.

We're all sharing this space. Please be respectful of other people and their projects in the space and ask permission before touching or picking up. Keep your chaos contained.

There's a lot going on in here! Be careful of how you're using equipment so as not to affect others, and be aware of others who may not be paying attention.

Bring your photo ID, Woodland Public Library card, closed toed shoes, and a great attitude!

All equipment can be used with a parent or guardian (who has the proper BUS or checkoff) for kids 8 and older. Some equipment and tools have age restrictions on them for independent use.
Ages 12+ may independently use the Carvey desktop CNC router, the soldering stations, the 3D printers, the small dye cutting machines, and the sewing machines.
Ages 14+ may independently use the above as well as the hand tools in the wood shop.
Ages 16+ may independently use the above as well as the laser cutter and large dye cutting machine.
Ages 18+ may independently use the above as well as the woodshop.

All users must have the appropriate class or BUS certifications to use the equipment.