Get a Card

Any resident of California may obtain a library card. A library card allows patrons to check out material from the library and use the Internet stations. Patrons may also borrow material from Sacramento, Folsom, Sutter, and Colusa Public Libraries.

Full Access Library Cards

What you need:

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of current address

The initial card is free, and a minimal fee will be charged to cover the cost of materials for replacement(s). To apply for a library card, adults must present current traceable photo identification which gives both their name and address, e.g., driver's license, rent receipt, utility bill. Children under the age of 18 must have a guardian or responsible adult present to apply for the card. The guardian or responsible adult is responsible for all fines and fees. Library cards are non-transferable, remain the property of Woodland Public Library and must be surrendered upon request. Library users MUST present their library card each time they wish to check out any materials.

Applications may be made online.

Other Types of Library Cards

Temporary Card:
If you do not have a permanent address, but are living within Woodland city limits, you may apply using current traceable identification which gives both name and address, for a 3 month temporary library card with a 3 item limit. A PO Box is not considered a permanent address. Examples of temporary residence would include hotels, motels, shelters, rehabilitation centers, visiting family, and exchange students.

For access to only electronic materials, you may apply for a one year E-Card providing access to all library electronic resources. E-Cards allow patrons to make a PC reservation, access the library's databases, and checkout downloadable material. ECards will not permit the checkout of any items other than downloadables. No identification is necessary.

Institutional Library Card:
Educational and non-profit organizations with offices in the Woodland city limits needing access to the Library's resources and inter-library loan for work related projects may apply for an institutional library card. The institution must agree to pay all fines, fees, and related charges. The director of the institution must provide written documentation agreeing to pay all charges related to the usage of the card.

Borrowing Privileges

Loan Periods
Patrons may borrow print material, audios, and books and music CDs from the Woodland Public Library for 3 weeks. DVDs, videos, and City Council discs check out for 1 week. Material borrowed from other libraries in the system (Sacramento, Folsom, Colusa, or Sutter) may have different loan periods and may have different limits on number of items checked out.

Late Fees
Overdue fines are 25 cents per day for adult print material to a maximum of $5.00 per item, 5 cents per day for children/teen material to a maximum of $1.00 per item, and 25 cents per day for all videos and DVDs to a maximum of $5.00 per item. The replacement fee for lost or damaged items is the cost of the item. Overdue fines from other libraries in the system may be different.

Check Out Limits
Patrons may checkout a total of 50 items. The maximum number of DVDs and CDs allowed at one time is 10 items each, for a total of 20 items (included in the overall 50 items).

Email Notification
Patrons with an email account can request email notification when books on hold are ready to be picked up and can be notified 3 days prior to the materials’ due date. Email notification is a courtesy but is not guaranteed. It is the patron’s responsibility to check on hold items and be aware of material due dates.

Library material may be renewed in person, over the telephone (530.661.5980), or by the patron’s library account online. Material may be renewed up to 6 times for print material, audios, and CDs, and DVDs with the exception of those items on hold for another patron or those items designated EXPRESS items.

Patrons may return library materials to the Woodland Public Library or any branch of the Sacramento, Folsom, Sutter, and Colusa Public Libraries.

Holds may be placed in person, over the telephone (530.661.5980), or by the patron’s library account online. The total number of holds is not to exceed 25 items.

Reshelving Fee for Holds not Picked Up
There is a $1.00 fee for each item not picked up.

Out of System Requests
Out-of-system requests (InterLibrary Loan) may be placed on books that are not at the Woodland Public Library or any of the libraries in the system. There is a $2.00 fee for each item requested.

Online Library Account
Patrons with library cards may access their library account through the library’s catalog.


Woodland Public Library Circulation Policy

Woodland Public Library Card Policy