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Tadpole | Goldfish | Sea Horse | Swordfish | Dolphin | Orca | Shark | Private
Group lessons $70*/Session
Private lessons $160*/session

May 14-24
May 28-June 7
June 18-28
July 2-12
July 16-26
July 30-Aug 9
Aug 13-23

Swim Lesson levels

Some levels may not be available for every session or time offered.

Tadpole - Ages 6 months to 3 years

The Tadpole class leads parents and children in basic swimming skills, emphasizing water orientation and safety.  Additionally, parents are taught to feel more comfortable in the water with their infant. Infants must be able to hold their head up and a parent must accompany the child in the water for every class.

Goldfish – Level One: Introduction to Water Skills

 The Goldfish class is an orientation to an aquatic environment. This class helps swimmers further develop a foundation in both swimming and safety skills. To move to Sea Horse, swimmers must demonstrate the ability to float unassisted. 

Sea Horse – Level Two: Fundamental Aquatics Skills

 The Seahorse class builds upon the foundation set in Goldfish and introduces front and back glides and a combined swimming action with arms and legs. Swimmers must demonstrate the ability to glide and move unassisted through the water to move to Swordfish.

Swordfish – Level Three: Stroke Development

The Swordfish class emphasizes stroke development of the front and back crawl. Additionally, swimmers are introduced to different kicks used in swimming. To move to Dolphin swimmers must be able to swim a minimum of 15 yards using both the front and back-crawl strokes.

Dolphin – Level Four: Stroke Improvement

The Dolphin Class emphasizes rotary breathing and stroke improvement, an introduction to breaststroke, elementary backstroke and the butterfly. Swimmers must be able to swim 25 yards using both front and back-crawl strokes, elementary back stroke, and 1-minute of treading water to move to Orca.

Orca – Level Five: Stroke Refinement

The Orca class emphasizes the refinement and development of the strokes continued during the Dolphin level.  Swimmers are expected to begin to develop swimming endurance. To move to Shark, swimmers must swim a minimum of 50 yards with the front and back-crawl strokes; and 25 yards with the breaststroke, elementary backstroke, and butterfly.

Shark – Level Six Fitness Swimmer

The Shark class is the final level for stroke refinement and perfection and further development of swimming endurance. Swimmers reaching this level can easily make a transition to a swim team or lifeguard training.

Private Lessons: Ages 3 and up

For a personal touch, take a two-week private lesson. This is a one-on-one class for any level of swimmer. The aquatic staff will help improve the “basics” and refine swimming techniques throughout session of lessons.  


When registering for swimming lessons, don’t over-estimate your child’s swimming abilities. It is easier to move your child into a higher level if necessary. Advanced registration is required for swimming lessons and space is limited, so sign-up early. Registration for each session will be closed the Wednesday before the session starts. Please don't show up to the pool the first day of lessons and try to get into a class. * Indicated the fees for those Woodland non-residents are $80 for group lessons and $192 for private lessions.

For more information about Swimming Lessons, contact Community Services at (530) 661-2000.