Woodland Recreation Foundation

What is the Woodland Recreation Foundation?

The Woodland Recreation Foundation is you, your neighbors, local businesses, large corporations, and public service organizations; people who value having recreation, community services, and parks in their community. The Foundation gives you an opportunity to "Get Connected" in helping Woodland Community Services Department provide the services you feel are most needed in the community. Contributions are fully tax-deductible and may be in the form of private grants, bequests and donations of cash, land securities, or goods of any kind.

Who benefits from my gift?

You and your community, children and adults, young and old alike, benefit from gifts made to Woodland Recreation Foundation. You and generations to come benefit from the generosity and foresight of community-spirited individuals supporting public services through giving. During a time when local public service agency budgets are strained, everyone benefits when your gifts provide services without increasing the burden on government.

How do I make a difference?

You make a difference by donating today. Some of you will choose to have your donations provide general support for all activities. Others may choose to deed property or personal valuables. Donors may bequest special facilities or equipment to the Woodland Recreation Foundation and designate a specific use for those gifts. All such contributions are tax-deductible. Bequests are not subject to federal estate taxes or state inheritance taxes.

Get Connected through Foundation Support

Foundation contributions are devoted to general operations and supporting Community projects and special events including: Family Fun Day, City-wide Fourth of July Event, Arbor Day Program, and Senior Health Fair.

Your gifts make a difference!

Woodland Recreation Foundation Tax I.D. #68-0457257