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General Plan Update Studies, Reports and Plan Documents:

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2035 GENERAL PLAN\Public Review Draft General Plan July 2016:
00 Cover
01 Introduction and Administration
02 Land Use, Community Design, and Historic Preservation Element
03 Transportation and Circulation
04 Economic Development Element
05 Public Facilities and Services
06 Healthy Community Element
07 Conservation and Open Space Element
08 Safety Element
09 Housing Element
All Map and Figures (11 x 17)  for Draft General Plan, July 2016

DRAFT 2035 CLIMATE ACTION PLAN, September, 2016:
00-CAP Cover
0 - TOC Screencheck Public Review Draft
1-  Executive Summary Public Review Draft
2 - Introduction Screencheck Public Review Draft
3 - Inventories and Targets Public Review Draft
4 - Guide to Focus Areas Public Review Draft
4A - Energy Strategies Public Review Draft
4B - Transportation and Land Use Strategies Public Review Draft
4C - Urban Forest and Open Space Strategies Public Review Draft
4D - Water and Waste Strategies Public Review Draft
4E - Public Involvement Strategies Public Review Draft
4F - Municipal Operations Strategies Public Review Draft
4G - Additional Actions Public Review Draft
4H - 2020 and 2035 Target Progress Public Review Draft
5 - Implementation and Monitoring Public Review Draft
6 - Acknowledgements Public Review Draft
Appendix A - Divider Cover
Appendix A - Community Input
Appendix B - Divider Cover
Appendix B - Preliminary CAP Technical Report
Appendix C - Divider Cover
Appendix C - 2035 Forecasts and Target Setting Public Review Draft
Appendix D - Divider Cover
Appendix D - 2035 CAP Strategy Metrics Public Review Draft

Table of Contents
1 Introduction
2 Executive Summary
3 Project Description
4 Environmental Impact Analysis
4.1 Aesthetics
4.2 Agriculture
4.3 Air Quality
4.4 Biological Resources
4.5 Climate Change GHG and Energy
4.6 Cultural Resources
4.7 Geology Soils Minerals and Paleo
4.8 Hazards
4.9 Hydrology Flooding and Water Quality
4.10 Land Use Population and Housing
4.11 Noise and Vibration
4.12 Public Services and Recreation
4.13 Transportation
4.14 Utilities
5.0 Alternatives
6.0 Other CEQA
7.0 References
8.0 Preparers
A NOP and updated NOP
B NOP Responses
C Divider Cover
C 2035 Forecasts and Target Setting Public Review Draft
D Cultural Resources
E Noise
F Traffic 1
G Traffic 2
DRAFT EIR AND CLIMATE\Woodland EIR 11 x 17 Figures and Tables Compiled 093016

Visioning Statement and Guiding Principles, December 15, 2014
Development Scenarios Analysis, April 2015
Opportunities and Challenges, Issues and Options, Revised: June 2014:

Final Adopted Housing Element, October 15, 2013 
Community Survey Results, June, 2013
Community Vision Workshop Report, May 29, 2013
Economic and Fiscal Background Report, April 29, 2013
Stakeholder Interviews Report, March 26, 2013

Current Planning Documents

General Plan Land Use Map dated June, 2016
Current General Plan Document (2002)
2002 Update & Mitigated Negative Declaration

Background & References:

From the Governor's Office of Planning & Research:
General Plan Guidelines, Complete Streets and the Circulation Element, December 2010  -        
California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) Guidelines -