Community Outreach

Community Outreach Documents

February 5, 2013 Council Report
February 5, 2013 PowerPoint Presentation
February 5, 2013 Notes from City Council Kick-Off Meeting
February 7, 2013 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes
February 7, 2013 Steering Committee Meeting PowerPoint Presentation
February 21, 2013 Planning Commission Minutes
March 7, 2013 Housing Element Forum Meeting Summary
April 30, 2013 Steering Committee Meeting Minutes - Housing Element
June 11, 2013 Joint City Council / Planning Commission Meeting
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Community Workshop Report
Community Survey - Executive Summary
Community Survey

Steering Committee Members



Downtown Business Owner

Al Eby

Downtown Representative, Business Owner

Chris Dreith

Planning Commission Representative

Chris Holt

Water Utility Advisory Commission, Historic Preservation Commission, Sustainability Committee

Christine Casey


Dr. Debra LaVoi, Superintendent, Woodland Joint Unified School District
Alternate: Ronda DeAnda Vannucci

Realtor Chamber Economic Summit

Don Sharp

Park and Recreation Commission Representative, Youth

Enrique Fernandez

Education, Youth

Evelia Genera

Community Member

Kathy Trott

Community Member

Kay Hohenwerter


Lisa Baker, Executive Director Yolo County Housing Authority

Commercial Property Development

Mark Engstrom

Retired, Former Mayor

Mel Losoya

Former Chair of Green Waste committee

Michael Brady


Nancy Muller

Woodland Health Care, Turn of the Century

Roger Kohlmeier


Terry Basset, Executive Director,
Yolo County Transit Authority
Alternate: Erik Reitz




Art Pimentel

Kevin Vaziri

Bill Marble

Kim Crum

Candido Ramirez

Mark Aulman

Christine Shewmaker

Martie Dote

Cindy Blickle

Matt Rexroad

Dani Thomas

Melanie Mathews

David Wilkinson

Mike Adams

Evelia Genera

Paul Petrovich

Fran Borcalli

Robert Kittridge

Fred Bailard

Robert Thomas

Gary Sandy

Ron Caceres

Gurdev Mann

Sean Denny

Harland Morley

Sheldon Smith

Janet Ruggiero

Skip Davies

Jeff Morgan

Sylvina Frausto

Jim Hilliard

Tom Galeazzi

Ken Reiff

Tom Stallard

Kevin Haarberg

Wayne Ginsburg