Utility Engineering

The City of Woodland’s Utilities Engineering staff is responsible for doing long-term infrastructure planning for the City’s water, sewer and stormwater utilities. Utilities Engineering also works with the O&M department in a joint venture to monitor, upgrade, repair, replace, and plan for water, sewer, and storm infrastructure in the City of Woodland. The purpose of this effort is to successfully meet all laws set by regulatory state and federal agencies governing municipal utilities. It is essential that reliable water resources are provided in a safe and environmentally responsible manner. 

  • City of Woodland, Community Development - Utility Engineering

    Woodland City Hall
    300 First Street
    Woodland, CA 95776
    Phone: 530-661-5820
    Fax: 530-406-0832

  • Utilities Infrastructure Engineering Program Manager
    Tim Busch, P.E.
    Principal Utilities Civil Engineer
    Phone: 530-661-5963
  • Douglas C. Baxter, MS, P.E.
    Principal Civil Engineer
    Phone: 530-661-5975
  • Utilities Infrastructure: Stormwater & Wastewater
    Mark Cocke, P.E.
    Senior Civil Engineer
    Phone: 530-661-5898
  • Utilities Infrastructure
    Chris Fong, P.E.
    Associate Civil Engineer
    Phone: 530-661-5972
  • Utilities Infrastructure Support
    Liz Houck
    Senior Engineering Assistant
    Phone: 530-661-5973

  • Utilities Infrastructure Support
    Sherry Salas
    Engineering Technician II
    Phone: 530-661-5945

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Water Meter Project

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