City of Woodland Bicycle Route Map

The City of Woodland teamed up with the Yolo-Solano AQMD, the Woodland Bike Campaign, and SACOG to produce the Woodland Bike Map in 2013, featuring the new Woodland Parkloop.

Cars and trucks are the No. 1 contributor to summer air pollution in Yolo and Solano counties, producing roughly 70 percent of the emissions that form smog.  Driving less is the No. 1 way to help reduce summer air pollution and carbon emissions from transportation. Cycling is one way to drive less. 

The new Woodland Bike Map, features the new Woodland Parkloop, approximately 7.5 miles of biking from park to park throughout Woodland.

Updated Woodland Bike Loop Map

Downtown Bike Rack Locations

Click here for Downtown Bike Rack Locations

Bikeway Master Plan

The City of Woodland is a good place for bicycle riding.  Please click here to view the City Bikeway Master Plan.

Bicycle Safety Tips

What are some of the rules for riding a bicycle in Woodland?

Bicycles are vehicles and belong to the road the same as automobiles do; they must obey all the traffic laws and road signs just as vehicles do.  For example, bicyclists must travel in the same direction as cars do (on the right side of the road).   Second, they may use left turn lanes to make turns or use crosswalks.  Moreover, bicyclists are not allowed to ride on sidewalks in the City of Woodland, unless posted otherwise.  In fact, a rider can be ticketed if caught riding on a sidewalk in an unmarked zone or if a rider is caught riding against the flow of traffic. 

But the most important rule of all is safety.  A rider under the age of 18 must wear a helmet by law, although all riders should wear helmets at all times.  Please beware of parked cars with opening doors, pedestrians, and wet weather.  

Where can I find more bicycle safety tips and bicycle laws?

For more information on the California Vehicle Code Sections for Bicycles, Bicycle Rules and Safety Tips and more General Bicycle Information, please refer to the Department of Motor Vehicles Bicycle Rules and Safety Page.