2008 Road Rehabilitation Project

Detailed Project Map
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Under public contract, Teichert Construction will soon be performing road and utility repairs and improvements on or near your street or an adjacent street.  Teichert Construction hasn’t finalized their schedule at this point; however, work is expected to begin early to mid July with anticipated completion in early November.  Therefore, we’re beginning our campaign to try to keep you well informed to minimize impacts to you through efficient scheduling and by minimizing potential project schedule impacts.  When work begins, standard working hours will be Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 5:00pm, and some Saturdays as necessary.   

The project includes pavement overlay work on Lincoln Ave from Sixth St to California St, and on College St from Main St to Lincoln Ave.  Surface seals will also be applied on Lincoln Ave from California St to County Rd 98, and between Lincoln Ave and Main St on Sixth St, Fifth St, Fourth St, Third St, Second St, First St, Elm St, Walnut St, Cleveland St, and Grand Ave. 

In addition to the road work, a significant amount of water and sewer utility repair and replacement will also be performed on Lincoln Ave between Sixth St and California St.  New lines for water services will be installed; including meters and meter boxes.  All sewer services will be reinstalled with new lines from the mains up to and including the cleanout boxes.  Properties with multiple houses/quarters will have additional water and sewer services installed for each separate unit requiring service.  Properties that share water or sewer service with another property will have separate services installed for each property.  Property owners/residents affected by these circumstances will receive further coordination and contact including letters with additional details. 


Parking on the listed streets will be limited during the standard work hours.  Automobiles left in areas posted ‘No Parking’ after 7:00am, will be subject to towing (and will most likely be towed if it impedes progress on the project).  You may not be able to access your property by vehicle during road work hours. If this has the potential for causing an unbearable hardship, we need to hear from you as soon as possible to begin working on acceptable solutions or workarounds. To improve and advance the City’s compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements, some areas will receive driveway reconstruction which, due to concrete curing requirements, will not be useable for up to five (5) days. 


Garbage, recycling, and green waste schedules will remain the same.  We encourage all residents to minimize the amount of green waste in the street by using the green waste containers as much as possible.  We request residents not place green waste piles on the street until the day before the scheduled pick-up.  Green waste placed on the street seven (7) days before the scheduled monthly pick-up may be cited per City Ordinance. 


In order to minimize project impacts, please minimize watering or any water usage (front or back) that drains to the streets during the period road or utility work is performed in your area.  Some sections of curb, gutter and sidewalk will be removed and replaced, and excess water can cause delays and extended inconveniences for all.

We appreciate your cooperation and patience and apologize in advance for any inconvenience this project may cause.  It’s our desire to leave you as pleased with our communication and management of the project as we’re sure you will be with the finished results.  If you have any questions, please contact the City Project Manager, Tami Burnham, at (530) 661-5968.