Oversight Board

Oversight Board to the Successor Agency of the Woodland Redevelopment Agency per HSC 34179 (a) effective January 2013

Matt Rexroad, Yolo County Board of Supervisors-One member appointed by the County Board of Supervisors;

Tom Stallard (Mayor of City of Woodland)- One member appointed by the Mayor for the city that created the redevelopment agency;

Gary W. Goodman, Sacramento Yolo Mosquito Vector Control District- One member appointed by the largest special district, by property tax share, with territory in the territorial jurisdiction of the redevelopment agency that is eligible to receive property tax revenues pursuant to Section 34188;

Lewis Wiley, Assistant Superintendent of Business-One member appointed by the county superintendent of education;

Gary Sandy, Governmental Affairs-One member appointed by the Chancellor of the California Community Colleges;

David Flory, member-at-large-One member of the public appointed by the Yolo County Board of Supervisors; and

Kimberly McKinney, City of Woodland Finance Officer-One member representing the employees of the former redevelopment agency appointed by the Mayor, from the recognized employee organization representing the largest number of former redevelopment agency employees employed by the successor agency at that time.