Capital Improvement Guide

Capital Improvement Project Process

Bidding and Awarding Construction Contracts

The procedure for bidding and awarding construction contracts on public projects shall be in accordance with The State of California Public Contract Code sections 20160, et seq.; provided that such projects costing less than five thousand dollars shall be contracted in accordance with the Code of the City of Woodland, reference Chapter 17A, Article 2-7.

City of Woodland capital improvement project notices inviting bids are advertised in the local newspaper, The Daily Democrat, in the classified section under "public notices".  Additionally, notices are sent to these plan houses and are published on our website.  You may also contact Community Development Engineering at (530) 661-5820 to inquire about existing and future projects that are currently bidding or scheduled to bid, and how to obtain contract documents for projects out to bid.  Each bid shall be in accordance with the contract documents.  Sets of contract documents are available for purchase only.  Where payment for such sets is specified, no refund will be made.

Contractors License

In order to bid on a City project, the contractor/"potential successful bidder" must possess a current, valid contractor's license issued by the State of California in the form set forth in the project documents. Verification of contractors licenses are obtained utilizing the following web site California Contractors State License Board.

Bid Security

All bids shall be accompanied by a Bid Security, made payable to the City. The Bid Security shall include cash, cashier's check, certified check made payable to the City, or a Bid Bond executed by an admitted and responsible corporate surety which is acceptable to the City, and which maintains in California at least one office for conducting business. The Bid Security must be enclosed in the same envelope with the bid.  The amount of the Bid Security shall not be less than ten percent (10%) of the total amount of the bid.  Verification of the Contractor's Bid Bond are obtained utilizing the following web sites A.M. Best's and California Department of Insurance (choose Insurers and Other Entities, then Insurance Company Profiles).

Submission of Bids

Mailed bids must be received by the City Clerk prior to the hour and date of the bid opening and shall be addressed to the City Clerk, 300 First Street, Woodland, CA 95695.  Hand delivery of bids on the day of the bid opening shall be made to the City Clerk at the same address. Bids shall be submitted on the form(s) provided in the contract documents. The City Council will generally act to accept or reject bids within a period of sixty (60) days after bid opening.

Prevailing Wages

City projects are "Public Works", requiring compliance with applicable Prevailing Wage laws, when it is paid for in whole or in part out of public funds. California Labor Code Sections 1720 and 1771 require prevailing wages to be paid on "public works" contracts and all maintenance work that exceeds one thousand dollars ($1,000.00). On Public Works projects contractors must pay workers not less than the applicable prevailing rate of per diem wages as established by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and the California Director of Industrial Relations


Contracts, if awarded, shall be made to the lowest responsive, responsible bidder whose bid complies with the specified requirements as outlined in the contract documents.  Authority to award contract must be granted by the City Council.  Contractors are typically required to execute contracts within ten (10) days after receipt of contract forms from the City.  The City reserves the right to accept or reject any and all bids for a period of sixty (60) days after the date of opening, and to waive any informality or irregularity in any bid.  No bid can be withdrawn during such sixty (60) day period.

Contract Bonds

The successful bidder shall furnish both a Performance Bond and a Payment Bond in the amounts specified in the contract. Contract bonds have the same requirements as the Bid Bond and are verified in the same manner as stated above.

Insurance Forms

Neither the contractor nor any subcontractors shall commence any work until all required insurance has been obtained (at their own expense).  Such insurance must have the approval of the City as to limit, form, and amount, and shall be placed with insurers with a current A.M. Best's Company rating of no less than A:VII. 

Business License

All Contractors doing business in the City of Woodland must have a City of Woodland Business License. Please refer to the Community Development web site for more information.