Surface Water Project

Phase: Design/Construction

Anticipated Completion Date:  Summer 2016

Brief Project Description:    This project includes a regional water supply project jointly funded with the City of Davis and UCD. It will provide 18 million gallons of high-quality water per day for the City of Woodland, including storage tank, storage pumping facilities and related water transmission lines to get the high quality water into the City1. Some of our existing wells will be converted to Aquifer Storage and Recovery (ASR) wells, and ultimately new ASR wells will be used to supplement summer water use, peak hour and peak day water demands.  These ASR wells will also help us bridge over the periods when there may be water right curtailments.

Project Manager:     Tim Busch, Principal Utility Civil Engineer / Doug Baxter

1The project includes 2.0 million gallons of water storage and a 4,000 gallon per minute pump dedicated to meet the peak water demands for Woodland.

For additional information regarding this project, please contact the Community Development Department at (530) 661-5820.