RV Parking Guidelines

What are the RV parking guidelines?
The RV parking guidelines are outlined in Section 25-21-50 and Section 14A-1-3(b) 11 of the City of Woodland Municipal Code.

Does the City check for parked RVs?
The Code Compliance Officer periodically surveys the City to monitor recreational vehicles that are parked in residential front yard and street side yard setbacks.

What are the RV regulations for my property?
To determine setbacks for your specific property, please contact the Planning Division at 530.661.5820.

Please review the  Code Compliance Administrative Policy or Report a problem.

Mobile homes (manufactured homes), trailers, mobile homes and RV/travel, trailer parks.
Storage: One mobile home, camper, motor home or trailer may be stored off the street and on a property, as long as it is parked on an impervious surface (see Municipal Code Section (B) & (C)), and provided that no living quarters shall be maintained or any business conducted in connection therewith while such a vehicle is so parked or stored, except as otherwise provided in this section.

The parking of any vehicle, visible to the public, in the lawn or landscape area of any front or street side yard shall be prohibited, unless on an impervious surface, not exceeding a total of forty percent of the front or street side yard area:

(B) Impervious surfaces shall include concrete, asphalt, grouted continuous brick, cobblestone, turf block or any similar, durable and dustless surface upon approval of the community development director;

(C) The impervious surface, which includes existing driveways, shall not exceed forty percent of the entire front or street side yard area. If concrete runners are utilized, the area between the runners shall be counted as part of the total surfacing area;

See Storage of Vehicle Ordinance, Section 14A-1-3(b)(11)(A) of City of Woodland Muncipal Code for more details.

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