Portable Play Equipment

The City of Woodland goal is to maintain a balance between safety and recreational availability. To this end the City has developed a proactive program for portable play equipment violations.

Portable play equipment is basketball hoop, skateboard ramp, or other portable pay equipment located on the city sidewalk or street in front of your residence.

What are the portable play equipment guidelines?
The portable play equipment guidelines are outlined in Section 14A-1-3(a) of the City of Woodland Municipal Code.

Does the City check for placement of portable play equipment?
The Code Compliance Officer periodically surveys the City to monitor play equipment that are located in residential streets and sidewalks.

What are the portable play equipment guidelines for my property?
Anything which is injurious to health or an obstruction to the free uses of property, so as to interfere with the comfortable enjoyment of life or property or unlawfully obstructs the free passage or use, in the customary manner, of any public park, street, alleyway, highway or other public easement is a nuisance.

Please review the Code Compliance Administrative Policy or Report a problem.

Where portable play equipment is allowed:
Front, side or rear yard
Private property
Private driveways

Where portable play equipment may be allowed:
On the public roadway near the curb where vehicles normally par, when not near corner, turns, bends in the roadway, or any other location where it may not be readily visible to approaching vehicles, bicycles, or pedestrians.

Where portable play equipment is not allowed:
On a public sidewalk
Overhanging or interfering with a public sidewalk
On or overhanging the public roadway where vehicles normally travel
Within a crosswalk or intersection

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