Job Descriptions

 Accountant I / II 
 Administrative Clerk I / II 
 Administrative Clerk III 
 Administrative Secretary 
 Administrative Supervisor 
 Aquatic Supervisor 
 Assistant Planner 
 Associate Civil Engineer 
 Associate Planner 
 Building Inspection Services Manager 
 Building Inspector I / II 
 Chief Building Official 
 Chief Collection Systems Operator 
 Chief Plant Operator 
 Chief Water System Operator 
 Children's Librarian II 
 City Clerk 
 City Engineer 
 City Manager 
 Code Compliance Officer I / II 
 Community Development Technician I / II 
 Community Services Officer 
 Community Services Program Manager 
 Conservation Coordinator 
 Construction / Senior Construction Project Manager 
 Crime Prevention Specialist 
 Deputy Director of Community Development 
 Deputy Director of Public Works, Operations & Maintenance 
 Deputy Fire Chief 
 Director of Administrative Services 
 Economic Development Manager 
 Electrical / Signs And Markings Supervisor 
 Electrician's Assistant 
 Engineering Aide I / II 
 Engineering Assistant/Senior Engineering Assistant 
 Engineering Technician I / II 
 Engineering Technician III 
 Environmental Compliance Inspector I / II 
 Environmental Compliance Specialist 
 Environmental Resource Analyst 
 Equipment Service Worker 
 Equipment Services Clerk 
 Facility Maintenance Worker I / II 
 Facility Maintenance Worker III 
 Finance Clerk I / II 
 Finance Clerk III 
 Finance Officer 
 Finance Specialist 
 Finance Supervisor 
 Fire Battalion Chief 
 Fire Captain 
 Fire Chief 
 Fire Engineer 
 Fire Prevention Specialist I / II 
 Fleet and Facilities Manager 
 GIS Analyst 
 GIS Technician I / II 
 Heavy Equipment Mechanic 
 Human Resources Analyst I / II 
 Human Resources Manager 
 Human Resources Technician 
 Industrial Electrical / Electronics Technician 
 Information Technology Analyst 
 Information Technology Manager 
 Infrastructure O & M Superintendent 
 Junior Engineer/Assistant Engineer 
 Laboratory & Environmental Compliance Manager 
 Laboratory Supervisor 
 Laboratory Technician I / II 
 Librarian I / II 
 Librarian III 
 Library Services Director 
 Library Technical Assistant I / II 
 Library Technical Assistant III 
 Light Equipment Mechanic 
 Literacy Coordinator 
 Maintenance Supervisor 
 Maintenance Worker I / II 
 Maintenance Worker III 
 Management Analyst I / II / Senior 
 Meter Services Technician 
 Office Manager 
 Park Maintenance Worker I / II 
 Park Maintenance Worker III 
 Park Superintendent 
 Park Supervisor 
 Planning Manager 
 Police Captain 
 Police Chief 
 Police Crime and Intelligence Analyst 
 Police Lieutenant 
 Police Officer 
 Police Records Manager 
 Police Records Specialist 
 Police Records Supervisor 
 Police Sergeant 
 Pool Facility Technician 
 Principal Civil Engineer 
 Principal Planner 
 Principal Utilities Civil Engineer 
 Public Safety Chief 
 Public Works Director 
 Recreation Coordinator 
 Recreation Supervisor 
 Redevelopment and Housing Analyst 
 Redevelopment Manager 
 Secretary to The City Manager 
 Senior Accountant 
 Senior Application Analyst 
 Senior Associate Civil Engineer 
 Senior Building Inspector 
 Senior Building Plans Examiner 
 Senior Civil Engineer 
 Senior Engineering Assistant 
 Senior Equipment Mechanic 
 Senior Maintenance Worker 
 Senior Park Maintenance Worker 
 Senior Planner 
 Senior Records Specialist 
 Senior Signs and Marking Technician 
 Senior Systems Analyst 
 Senior Tree Trimmer 
 Senior Utilities Maintenance Worker (Sanitary Sewer / Storm Drainage Systems) 
 Senior Utilities Maintenance Worker (Water Distribution) 
 Senior Water System Operator 
 Signs and Markings Technician I / II 
 Traffic Signal / Street Lighting Technician 
 Transportation Engineer 
 Treatment Plant Mechanic 
 Tree Trimmer I / II 
 Utilities Maintenance Supervisor 
 Utilities Maintenance Worker I / II 
 Utilities Maintenance Worker III 
 Wastewater Systems Administrator 
 Water / Wastewater Instrumentation Technician 
 Water Pollution Control Facility Superintendent 
 Water Pollution Control Operator II 
 Water Pollution Control Operator III 
 Water Pollution Control Operator IV 
 Water Pollution Control Operator-In-Training / I 
 Water Systems Administrator 
 Water Systems Operator I / II