City Hall

You can find Woodland’s historic City Hall at 300 First Street, right in the heart of downtown.  Aside from being a beautiful example of Woodland’s rich history, the City Hall building is also a bustling hub for many of the services the city provides for residents, investors and developers.  The friendly staff is ready to help with any business you have regarding City Finances, Human Resources or Community Development.  From business licenses to water services, City Hall’s hard-working employees are ready to assist you.

In addition to serving as an important services hub, City Hall also houses the legislative and executive branches of Woodland’s government, including the Mayor, City Council, City Manager, City Clerk and numerous commissions.

For your convenience, City Hall is open for business Monday through Friday, 8:00AM to 5:00PM.  For more detailed information on the departments and services available from City Hall, please select a link from the sidebar on the left side of this page.