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Where are the Building and Planning Divisions located?

The Building and Planning Divisions are located at the Community Development Department inside City Hall at 300 First Street.

The mailing address is also 300 First Street, Woodland, CA 95695.

300 First Street

CA 95695
Phone: 530-661-5820
Fax: 530-406-0832

When are the offices open?

New hours for the Community Development Department are as follows:

The front counter is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Staff will be available for appointments and phone calls from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. 

The office is closed on all legal holidays.

300 First Street

Ca 95695
Phone: 530-661-5820
Fax: 530-406-0832

What building codes does the City of Woodland enforce?

Building projects in the City of Woodland must comply with the following codes:
• 2010 California Building Code (CBC)
• 2010 California Plumbing Code (CPC)
• 2010 California Mechanical Code (CMC)
• 2010 California Electrical Code (CEC)
• 2010 California Residential Code (CRC)
• Green Building Code
•  Uniform Housing Code
• Swimming Pool Code
• Uniform Security Code
• Swimming Pool Code
• City of Woodland Municipal Code

What is Woodland’s Seismic Design Category?

Woodland is in Seismic Design Category D.

When do I need a Building Permit?

Before a structure in the City of Woodland can be built, enlarged, altered, removed, demolished, or repaired, a Building Permit for that work is required. This includes single-family homes, multi-unit residential buildings, and commercial buildings. It also includes signs, fences, patio covers, pools, hot tubs, and ponds. Building Permits are also required for replacing a water heater and for re-roofing. A Building Permit is required even if the work is a tenant improvement or a homeowner do-it-yourself project.

What other types of permits and licenses are required with a Building Permit?

When applying for a building permit, the counter staff will review your proposed project and inform you if additional permits are necessary; such as electrical, plumbing or mechanical. Other related permits may include Grading Permit and/or Right-Of-Way Permit issued by the Public Works Department and Fire Sprinkler Permit issued by the Fire Department.

Unless the property owner is acting as his or her own general contractor, the project’s general contractor or subcontractor will require the appropriate classified state contractor’s license, an Woodland business license, and worker’s

How do I find out the building requirements for my project?

For your convenience the Building Division has various helpful information handouts available at its counter with the building requirements for:


  • Patio Cover
  • Room Addition
  • Block Wall
  • Retaining Wall
  • Swimming Pools and Spas
  • Ramps and Sidewalks
  • Low Pressure Gas Piping
  • T-Bar Ceiling Installation
  • Water Heater Installation
  • Construction Guide for Commercial Food Facilities
There are also planning, zoning, and grading requirements that may apply to your project. You may discuss this with the Planning or Development Services Divisions at the Community Development Counter or by calling Community Development at 530.661.5820

How do I obtain a Building Permit?

A building permit may be applied for and obtained by the parcel owner, licensed contractor or an employee of either one with current workers compensation insurance.

Who may apply for and obtain a Building Permit?

A building permit may be applied for and obtained by the parcel owner, licensed contractor or an employee of either one with current workers compensation insurance.

Can I mail in an application for a Building Permit?

Currently, applications for dishwasher, water softener and water heater replacements are mailed in only by authorized contractors. Building Permits must be applied for and obtained at the Building Division counter.

How many copies of plans do I need to submit for plan review?

Four sets of Improvement Plans, including design calculations, need to be submitted for plan review. For more information regarding the plan submittal process, please refer to Permit Submittal Requirements.

When is a building permit not required?

A Building Permit shall not be required for the following, however compliance to applicable codes are necessary.


  • Painting, wallpapering, and similar finish work.
  • Movable cases, counters, and partitions not over 5’9”.
  • Pools, spas, hot tubs, or ponds less than 18 inches deep.
  • Prefabricated swimming pools in a Group R, Division 3 occupancy, whose pool walls are entirely above grade and with a capacity less than 5,000 gallons.
  • One-story detached accessory buildings such as tool shed, storage shed, playhouse, etc., less than 120 square feet.
  • Fences less than 6 feet high.
  • Retaining walls not over 4 feet high measured from the bottom of the footing to the top of the wall, and not supporting a surcharge or impounding Class I, II, or
  • III-A liquids.
  • Platforms, walks, and driveways not more than 30 inches above grade and not over any basement or story.
  • Window awnings supported by an exterior wall of Group R, Division 3, and
  • Group U occupancies, projecting not more than 54 inches.
  • Water tanks supported directly upon grade, if the capacity does not exceed
  • 5,000 gallons and the ratio of height-to-diameter or width do not exceed 2-to-1.
  • Temporary stage sets and scenery for motion pictures, television, and theater.
  • Oil derricks.

What is required to obtain a roof permit?

 A building permit for a re-roof can be processed over-the-counter if no structural calculations are necessary. However, roofs with material weighing 6 lbs or more per square foot will require plan check of engineered structural calculations.

How long does it take to get a Building Permit?

For less complex modifications such as replacements, patio covers, signs, pools, reroofs etc., building permits will be issued over the counter.

For projects which require plan check, typical turnaround times are as follows:

  • Minor projects with a valuation of less than $10,000—5 working days.
  • Medium projects with a valuation of $10,000 to $100,000—10 working days.
  • Major projects with a valuation of over $100,000—20 working days.

What is a sub-list?

Sub-list is short for subcontractors list. The sub-list is a form that lists all subcontractors used for a project. If the project was completed by a homeowner, a sub-list is still required indicating “No subcontractors were used”. Sub lists must be presented to and approved by the Business License Division prior to a building final inspection. Sub-lists may be submitted by mail, faxed 530-406-0832 or submitted at the Business License counter.

How many sets of plans are needed to apply for a Building Permit?

3 complete sets of plans are required for new construction, additions and Tenant Improvements. 2 sets of plans are required for swimming pools, hot tubs, ponds, engineered roofs and signs.

What plans are required to apply for a Building Permit?

Larger projects require the following plans submitted along with the Building Permit Application:

  • Site plan
  • Floor plan
  • Section drawings
  • Elevation plan
  • Framing plan
  • Roofing plan
  • Structural calculations
  • Energy calculations

Some smaller projects require less information—see our information handouts.

What format is required for plans?

Plans must be submitted on a minimum of 18” X 24” sheets, fully dimensioned and drawn to scale.

When do I need to use a licensed engineer or architect to prepare my plans?

A licensed engineer or architect is required for an addition or alteration over one story, or any work that is non-conventional framing.

If I don’t understand the Correction Sheet, can I confer with the reviewer?

Yes, the correction sheet will include the name and contact phone number of your plan checker assigned to your project. If you are the property owner, you may consult with your licensed professional to review the correction sheet.

What do I need to rebuild my existing fence?

If the fence is wooden or vinyl and 6’ or less, a permit is not required. If the fence is a block wall and will be constructed per City standards, a plot plan approved by Zoning is required. If the block wall is not constructed per City standards, engineered structural details are required.

What needs to be included in pool or spa plans?

Above ground, self contained spas require a site plan approved by Planning and Zoning. No structural details are necessary. New pools and spas require a site plan indicating location of pool/spa, existing fencing, gates and doors leading to pool area. Engineered structural details must be wet stamped.

What type of fencing is required for swimming pools, spas and hot tubs?

Please contact the Building Division to obtain the Swimming Pools and Spas information handouts for specific requirements.

How much are the fees for a Building Permit?

Fees depend on various factors such as the type of construction, square footage, use of the building, etc.

If additional information is needed, you may contact the Building Division at 530.661.5820.

When do I have to pay the fees?

Plan check fees are due at the time of plan submittal.
Permit fees are paid at permit issuance.
Additional fees may apply according to the complexity of your project. Such as:

  • Additions of more than 499 square feet which require school fees to be paid to the relevant School District and must be paid prior to permit issuance.
  • Park and Recreation, Transportation, Traffic Signal and Impact Fees which are due at time of permit issuance.

Do you take credit cards or ATM cards?

The Building Division currently does not accept credit cards or ATM cards for payment. All payments may be made at the Community Development counter.

Once I have my Building Permit, when do I request an inspection?

You will receive a Job Card at permit issuance which lists the various inspections in chronological order.

How do I request an inspection?

You may call the Inspection Line at 530.661.5817. The automated system will prompt you to key in your Building Permit number and code number for the type of inspection you are requesting. Instructions on using the IVR System can also be found on the Job Card.

How do I cancel an inspection?

Call the same number you call for requesting an inspection—530-661-5817. Follow the prompts for canceling your inspection. You may also contact the Building Division at 530.661.5820.

What do the inspectors look for?

The inspector verifies that the construction conforms to the approved plans and meets applicable Building Codes and relevant requirements.

How are inspections results recorded?

The inspector signs the Job Card at the job site. When the inspector returns to the office at the end of the day, the inspection results are entered into the building permit computer system.

What happens if I fail an inspection?

If your requested inspection is not approved, the inspector will write a Correction Notice. The notice will identify the items that need to be corrected. After corrections have been completed, inspection requests may be recalled

How can I register as a Special Inspector?

A Special Inspector Registration form must be completed by the applicant and submitted in person at the Building Division counter. Original certifications and licenses are required for verification and a registration fee will be assessed.
Note: A Special Inspector is required to register with the Building Division prior to any special inspection activity.

Do City inspectors have another function besides day-to-day inspections?

In case of a major earthquake or similar disaster, the Building Division’s inspectors have been trained to work with the Fire and Police departments in a coordinated City response.

How do I extend my permit to complete my project?

A permit extension application must be completed and submitted to the Building Division prior to the expiration of the permit. Ann extension fee will be assessed. If your request for extension is accepted, an additional 6 months may be granted.

How do I renew an expired Building Permit?

You may call or visit the Building Division counter. The Permit Technician will review your permit to determine the amount of your renewal fees. Fees may be paid at the Building counter or by mail.

How do I get a refund if I find I have been overcharged?

A refund request form must be completed and submitted to the Building Division by the permittee. Upon review, you will be notified in writing if you qualify for a refund

Who should I hire as the contractor for my project?

It is highly recommended that you hire a well qualified, licensed contractor. The Contractors State License Board ( is an excellent source of information and assistance in verifying the status of a contractor. Be sure to complete thorough reference checks, and take advantage of information available from the Better Business Bureau [] and the State of California Department of Consumer Affairs [].

How do I know what underground pipelines are on my property?

Before commencing excavation for your project, you may contact Dig Alert to determine the location of any underground facilities you may have on your property. You may call up to 14 calendar days and at least 2 working days prior to excavation at 1 800 227-2600. Dig Alert is a free service.

Can I view plans for a building in the City?

Contact the building division about viewing plans.

Can I obtain a copy of plans?

Yes, you may request a copy a plan at the Building Division counter. A duplication processing fee will be assessed. The licensed professional who prepared the plan (called the “Engineer of Record”) must be notified for authorization to duplicate the plans requested. Upon approval, you will be notified to contact a licensed, bonded reprographics company of your choice. The plans will be released to the reprographics company for duplication. Copying arrangements and fees are to be made directly with a reprographics company.

How do I change the street address of my property?

Our Addressing Information sheet summarizes the requirements, steps, and fees.

Does the City have maps showing zoning and planning information?

Yes, the Planning Department sells various maps with zoning and planning information. These maps are 24 × 60 inches (2 × 5 feet) and are sold for $50 each. The maps show parcels within Woodland’s city limits, but exclude parcels with “Woodland” postal addresses that are outside the city’s legal boundary. These are not intended as street maps.

  • Zoning Map, color-coded to show the different zones
  • General Plan of the City
  • Detailed Specific Plans and Overlay Zones, for various portions of the City
  • Current Land Use Map, color-coded to show the different types of land use

Maps are sold at the Planning Counter, adjacent to the Building Division Counter.