Submittal Requirements in the Ordinance

§ 492.3. Elements of the Landscape Documentation Package

The Landscape Documentation Package shall include the following 6 elements

  1.  Project information
    • Date
    • Project applicant
    • Project address (if available, parcel and/or lot number(s))
    • Total landscape area (square feet)
    • Project type (e.g., new, rehabilitated, public, private, cemetery, homeowner-installed)
    • Water supply type (e.g., potable, recycled, well) and identify the local retail water purveyor if the applicant is not served by a private well
    • Checklist of all documents in Landscape Documentation Package
    • Project contacts to include contact information for the project applicant and property owner
    • Applicant signature and date with statement, "I agree to comply with the requirements of the water efficient landscape ordinance and submit a complete Landscape Documentation Package."
  2. Water Efficient Landscape Worksheet
    • (A) hydrozone information table
    • (B) water budget calculations
      1. Maximum Applied Water Allowance (MAWA)
      2. Estimated Total Water Use (ETWU)
  3. Soil management report
  4. Landscape design plan
  5. Irrigation design plan
  6. Grading design plan