File a Report

Immediate Assistance

Call 911 to report a crime in progress, or a life threatening emergency. For immediate assistance or response from an officer, call 530-666-2411.

For Victims of Crime

For information regarding The Victim's Bill of Rights Act of 2008, please read Marys Law January 2009 (PDF). This 4-page document is intended to be printed double-sided.

Online Crime Reporting

  1. Incidents to Report Online
  2. Incidents to Not Report Online

You can use this Online Form to report these incidents that have occurred within the City of Woodland, California:

  • Animal Abuse
  • Anonymous Tip
  • Graffiti
  • Harassing Phone Calls
  • Identity Theft
  • Lost Property
  • Noise Violation
  • Petty Theft - Loss under $950
    • Loss greater than $950 is considered Grand Theft. Please call 530-666-2411 to report this crime.
  • Suspicious Person / Activity
  • Traffic / Parking
  • Vandalism - Damages under $950
    • For vandalisms with damages over $950, please call 530-666-2411 to report this crime.
  • Vehicle Burglary
  • Vehicle Tampering

False Reports

Reporting of any crime that is false or malicious is punishable by Penal Code Section 148.5. All violators will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.