Homeless Coordination

The City of Woodland is actively engaged in local, regional and statewide efforts to address, manage, and prevent homelessness. Collaboration with state and local public agencies, local service providers and the broader community is critical to advancing our collective efforts and leveraging limited resources to the greatest benefit.

City of Woodland HOST

Inter-departmental coordination of the City’s own homeless response and initiatives, as outlined in our adopted Homeless Action Plan is the Homeless Outreach Street Team (H.O.S.T.), under the supervision of the Woodland Police Department. City of Woodland H.O.S.T 

H.O.S.T. welcomed a new officer to the team in January 2019. Officer Greg Ford joins the team with 15 year of experience on the Woodland Police Force. He is knowledgeable about the community and the impacts of homelessness within the City. He is quickly learning new engagement skills and already made connections to both his team members and the population he is serving. H.O.S.T identifies, assesses, refers, and follow-up those that express need and desire to change circumstances in any area of their lives.

H.O.S.T. success is measured by rapport built, trust gained, and connections established between law enforcement and individuals in need of service. This is essential to empower individuals to make life-long changes to improve their circumstances.

Social Services Manager 

The Social Services Manager position is primarily responsible for coordination of the City’s homeless initiatives and programs with Yolo County, neighboring jurisdictions and service providers. The position also assists with referrals of homeless individuals and families to available services.

Ms. Kristen Cline, a certified Mental Health Clinician, has been appointed to the position, effective September 4, 2018.    She joins the City of Woodland from Yolo County’s Health and Human Services where she worked for 17 years, and most recently has been working closely as a Homeless Outreach Navigator with our City’s HOST program. For information on how to get in touch with Kristen, please visit the Social Services Manager webpage by clicking here.  

Public Agency and Service Provider Coordination

Multi-Disciplinary Team Meetings - Under the County’s facilitation, Woodland Police, representative from the City Manager’s Office, Dignity Health, and others meet monthly to coordinate efforts on individuals living homeless to address barriers of housing and services.

Yolo County Health and Human Services: http://www.yolocounty.org/health-human-services

Homeless and Poverty Action Coalition (HPAC): http://www.yolocounty.org/health-human-services/boards-committees/homeless-and-poverty-action-coalition-hpac

Institute for Local Government: http://www.ca-ilg.org/homelessness-0

Collaboration on State Funding Opportunities

Homeless Emergency Aid Program (HEAP): https://www.bcsh.ca.gov/hcfc/aid_program.html

No Place Like Home: http://www.hcd.ca.gov/grants-funding/active-funding/nplh.shtml